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Salvation - Anne Osterlund Well, well, well.Here's a little gem I didn't expect.First I have to gush about the cover. I love meaningful covers. And meaningful titles that actually relate to the story.Beth and Salvador are a very unlikely couple. She's basically a wallflower, a bookish, smart and silent girl that has had a crush on Salva for four plus years. But behind her quiet demeanor is a fierce, passionate young woman with strong beliefs. I loved the effect she had on Salva, the way she was always making him be the best he can be and never settle for less than he deserved - and most importantly, she practiced what she preached. They weren't just empty words.Salvador is the golden boy of Liberty High, but not in your typical sense. His character strays from the usual golden boy - he's of Latin descent, his parents poor Mexican immigrants, his ambitions less athletic and more academic. He's a natural leader, but he doesn't want to be. His father's pushing him to aim higher, do better was understandable considering his background, and it wasn't out of being strict and controlling - he really wanted the best for his children. There are a lot of flaws to Salva, always looking to please, keeping up appearances, never speaking his mind so as not to offend anyone - and while forgetting himself and his wishes in the process.I loved their relationship and how there wasn't some major drama about it. At first I thought I knew where the story would go, that he would use her for passing AP English under false pretenses -> cue the drama, but he's just not that guy! I think it's very realistic, the way they just realized they liked each other and went for it. Oh, the Romeo and Juliet scene, I was grinning like a loon. It was awesome, I felt like I was there and the whole thing was playing out in front of me.The little twist - I didn't expect it at all.I won't spoil anything, but I'll just say that the author surprised me, first with what happened and then how it happened which really caught me off guard.I loved the way it was written - I always prefer 3rd person POV to first, and the transition between Beth and Salva's POVs was pretty smooth. They had great chemistry. The conflict was very believable to me, and I applaud the author for not inventing some petty problem or misunderstanding to split these two.For those who like to know these things, there are no sex scenes in this book, it's very clean.One thing that bothered me is that the author would skip large portions of time...I think it happened at least three times in the book. It's very short (and I'd complain about how expensive it is for an ebook but I don't think there's any point).Overall, the book was unexpectedly good, I think. The subtle romance, realistic problems, great characters, and a really good message. I loved it all, and I definitely recommend it!