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Fallen Crest High (Fallen Crest High, #1) - Tijan Wowsie. Definitely do not judge this book by its cover - it.does.not.do.it.justice. And neither does the blurb, the story is much more complex than it's laid out there. It's got dark undertones to it and you're always left wondering if you're making sense of what is going on.I read a similar story a couple of days ago but it was handled differently. The author does a great job of characterizing every single person in this book, and you are never bored because something is always happening.I have to say I liked Logan more than Mason, but this seems to be a pattern of some sort with me, so it tells you nothing. Mason had a weird vibe to me. Eventually I changed my mind and fell in love with him completely. Everything is so complex with these two brothers, I couldn't turn my brain off for even a second while reading it because I would lose thread and miss something. Oh, I loved how protective they were about Sam. You can tell it's not just an act.Sam is intense! I mean, she is most definitely not your typical YA heroine. She just didn't care, and it wasn't a mask. She just did not care about anything going on in that school. Actually, it was pretty obvious that she didn't belong there. Speaking of which, that is vicious, those kids and the way they act. I liked Becky, she was a good friend to Sam.And I initially liked Adam, you know?My intuition has never failed me so much as it did with this book! Everyone has some secret agenda, and everyone turns out to be the opposite of what I thought they would be. Scheming high school prep kids. Scheming adults playing games. It's unbelievable.The way it was written, I loved it. There was amazing chemistry between Sam and the brothers. Oh and does she ever deliver on the sexual tension between Mason and Sam? Those scenes were awesome. There's also this veil of mystery about everything and even if it's all tied up nicely in the end she makes you wait for a long time to figure out what's going on. It's brilliant.So yeah, definitely pick this up if you haven't already. I promise it will be more than worth it. I am so looking forward to the sequel (Fallen Crest Public it's called?), and boy am I looking forward to just about anything else Ti Jan writes. Yep.