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The Boy Who Sneaks in my Bedroom Window - Kirsty Moseley I'm going to be honest here: this book is ridiculous.Here be lots of spoilers.There are so many sensitive topics crammed into it - sexual abuse, domestic abuse, rape, teen pregnancy, teen promiscuity etc - and they are all handled without any skill.We have a heroine, Amber, who was a victim of (almost) sexual abuse and years of molestation from her father but most thoughts she has are contradictory to that trauma. She sleeps with Liam every night, and she's perfectly fine with him "pressing his erections" into her back or whatever the exact words were. Basically, it's a whole new level of personal space invasion and she's okay (I couldn't get over this!) with it! Oh, and she hates Liam. What a way to show it! Let him press his boners into you some more, then. I HATED BEING IN HER HEAD, SO MUCH.She constantly refers to Liam and her brother as man-whores. The behavior of nearly everyone in this book is disgusting. 16 year old girls betting on who gets to sleep with Liam first is not normal to me.Liam is madly in love with Amber but can't be with her, for the stupidest reason, so he's with everyone else instead. I'm sorry, what? I just can't fathom why he just didn't tell her this, ages ago, especially since her "protective brother" who was apparently the reason they couldn't be together wasn't protective at all. You don't make a girl like you by sleeping with the whole school.It's been some 2 months+ since I read this and I still can't get over how ridiculous it is. Every time I see it on GR or wherever I get all upset about it. Out of nowhere the author switches POV and then we're in Liam's head. Completely unnecessary. Then just when I got used to it, it's back to Amber again.Oh, and the mother? So, she's a mother who was also a victim of domestic abuse, her husband almost raped her daughter and beat her son, and she just leaves them for really long periods of time for work? I was stunned! Even when she learns he's back in town she's like "he's back! maybe he's changed! be careful!" and off she goes on another work adventure.Oh, Amber eventually gets pregnant. I blame the mom of the year for not being there! Also, I blame Amber for not protecting herself when sleeping with a guy who slept with the whole school! CONDOMS! At least until he gets himself checked out. What does Liam do when he finds out that they're pregnant? He wants to give up his hockey scholarship, because he is so smart. No way in hell will he be able to better provide for his insta-family than by giving up the thing that will make him lots of money because we're led to believe he's guaranteed to go pro!I know this review is all over the place but after all this time I still can't be coherent about it. There is just so much that bothered me, I can't make sense of my thoughts.Here's the thing, I loved the idea of this book, BECAUSE I THOUGHT IT WAS SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. I blame myself for continuing to read it once I realized how ridiculous it is. I promise you I've gotten better at DNF-ing a book after that. This was not worth the morning I wasted on it.