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Amelia Anne is Dead and Gone - Kat Rosenfield What do I say about this book? It was good. Or I guess it would have been good if it wasn't so exhausting to read. I was constantly distracted with the flowery writing, the head-hopping, the heroine giving you hints and clues without giving you anything, making the whole thing about herself rather than the dead girl. These were the things that really bothered me.We sat together, the rushing breeze making rustling sounds in the trees, the branches above our heads creaking, groaning, moving in time with the wind. The air was thick with the scent of wild roses.So thick, that smell. It stifled, pressed back against the golden thrust of the sun. The wild rose wants to be remembered, wants to color the afternoon with its heady essence, so that every summer recollection is tinted with its sweet, soft-petaled scent. It was a blanket that covered everything, crept into my nose and flooded my eyes with perfume that couldn’t be blinked away.Got to the point yet? Yeah, me neither. By reading these distracting paragraphs I would completely forget where in the scene I actually was, what was happening when she started to describe the breeze, the branches, etc.I would look at the progress bar and groan because every time it seemed like I didn't move more than 3% even if I had been reading those 3% for over an hour. It's just slow, slow, slow. And the fact is, it's actually really short.I found myself immersed in Amelia's story. This surprised me. Usually when I know a character is dead by the end of the book, I detach myself from them. Not Amelia...I really wanted to know who killed the girl, and I wanted to know why someone would kill her - she was a star. I won't give it away, but I was disappointed in the end, how and why and who did it.Rebecca and James...I don't really know. I didn't care for Rebecca. Like I said, she was a self-centered, and at times even mean person (she said something about a "fat girl" having an ironic last name Biggs. What about the Tallahassee guy?) Why was she heartbroken about James when she was the one leaving him behind? Why did she think she was so much better than everyone? The Craig thing? God, I wished the title of this book was Rebecca Williams is Dead and Gone. I saw no evidence that she should feel so above everyone in her small town. She was a self-centered, spoiled, condescending little girl.And James - I liked him. I was a bit relieved in the end. He already had enough going on. That's all I have to say.I wasn't even rooting for these two, though, and if I'm honest I still don't care for what happened in the end.It's short, even if it feels like you're reading it for days...which I did. It took me exactly three days to finish this book because I constantly had to take breaks from it which hardly ever happens. It's not even heavy, it's just hard to read. And yeah, I was disappointed with the mystery. I had it figured out halfway through and hoped that the author would surprise me and throw a twist in there.The reason I'm giving this book two stars is because I actually loved Amelia and her story.