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Accidental Texting: Finding Love Despite the Spotlight - Kimberly Montague This is more of a 3.5 than 3 stars, but GR won't let me. A+ for the idea. I have to say that I loved the blurb when I read it and I knew I had to read it. However, most of the time I had a love/hate relationship with this book.There was no that big-moment that I love in books - something that you've been waiting to happen to make you say THIS is why I read this. Still, it was a sweet love story. The beginning was brilliant, and I loved it. Like I said, the whole concept of this book sounded awesome. And I kind of loved everything right up until she leaves LA back home, and this is caused by *drumroll please* the big misunderstanding. Then it all sort of really slows down, and nothing major really happens. The whole ending was like reading an over-the-top Justin Bieber fanfic.It's not that I didn't like Morgan (great name), but I didn't love her, either. She was so whiny and constantly crying. I did admire her for being so strong after what she went through with that prick Brent, and the way she wouldn't let Sean walk all over her.And Sean...well, I don't know. I didn't like his controlling side, at all, and he did have it. At times he acted downright childish. Plus, he becomes a lovesick puppy in a matter of weeks, when he only ever texted and talked to Morgan on the phone. Very reassuring. I did love his confidence, and cockiness when it surfaced. I always smiled when he told her that he was voted one of the most handsome men in America - three years in a row. It just fits him somehow.It's a bit on the longish side, and after it slows down, it took me forever to finish it. I do have to say I really liked the dialogue, it's seemed so natural. People stammer like that in real life, you could see reluctance behind Sean's words when he was telling her something she probably didn't want to hear. It's something I loved in Harriet Evans's books, as well, although it was a bit more pronounced here.This book is something along the lines of Entourage meets Cinderella. If you have a bit time on your hands, I'd definitely say give it a try. It kept me entertained for a day.