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Forcing Gravity  - Monica Alexander The first thing you need to know is that this is a series. It says "To be continued..." in the end so I'm guessing it will be a continuation of the story, not a companion book. But don't worry, it doesn't leave you guessing, there's no cliffhanger in the end.This is a light read. Hollywood stars, movie sets, parties, paparazzi. I didn't read the blurb so apart from knowing it's about movie stars I didn't know anything else.It was an entertaining book. Monica Alexander's writing is engaging, her characters are lovable, and I wanted to know what happens next.My main problem was with Logan, the MC. She starts off as this wonderful, independent girl with sharp wit, turns into an insecure teenage girl somewhere along the way, and ends up as a clingy lovesick puppy. Otherwise I loved her, I loved her relationship with Ethan (amazing chemistry) and Garrett and how she forms friendship with Henley despite the two of them being so different. I felt really sad about her relationship with her mother, and I loved how she was with Skylar, the little sister that's growing up too fast.The other characters - Ethan, Garrett, Jase, Henley, they were all awesome. I think Ethan may be my favorite. I'm hoping we get to see him settle down.My other problem with this was that the author resorted to misunderstandings to create conflict. Every time things fell apart it was because the characters just wouldn't talk. At least Monica Alexander treats Jase's secret and what happens to Logan with respect. The book does a good job of portraying Jase and Garrett as your regular people, despite their celebrity status. It felt somehow realistic about what goes on in the lives of celebrities and shows that it's not just sunshine and daisies.This author has been recommended to me a couple of times, and I have to say I see the appeal. I just wish her covers were better, this looks like something a kid would make in paint - it's what's kept me from giving her a chance sooner. Yeah, I'm shallow like that.If you're looking for something light, I definitely recommend it. I know I will be reading the next book in the series.