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A Place to Rest My Heart - Galen Rose While I did enjoy this book to a degree, and even liked it, it wasn't what I expected it to be.My main problem with it that it was all over the place. It started out as one thing, switched somewhere in the middle to another, and ended as something completely different than these two things. Oh, it did have a thrill and I did want to know what happens, but it was like it wasn't planned out at all.First she's working in the pub. Then all of a sudden, we learn she's trained in some martial arts, and she switches jobs to Woo security. Then the author introduces an abusive psycho cousin. Somewhere along the way we learn her parents were best friends with the Muldoons even though they all act like she's just another stray in the beginning. And what's with the police reports? That question was never answered.It's like the author couldn't make up her mind on what the focus of this book should be.I did love Laney's character. She's pretty kickass, but I guess having lived on the streets she had to be. And she is pretty consistent with the way she acts.And I liked Sean, too, at least I liked the things we were shown about him.Here's the deal, though - the romance takes the very back stage in this book. Normally I'm not bothered by lack of romance, but this book is marketed as a romance and there's a couple almost-kissing in the cover. The blurb sure implies it's romance. So naturally, I expected more of it. Sometimes I felt like scenes were missing to make me feel the the full extent of chemistry between Sean and Laney.For those who like to know these things, there is no sexual content, it's all fade to black.The book is on the short side, but a lot happens too fast. I'm guessing that's another reason that I felt like scenes were cut out - every once in a while I would think that I missed something earlier in the book when in reality it wasn't even written.I had to stop somewhere in the first half to take a break from it because things were starting to make less and less sense. But like I said, overall I did like it, and I'd say give it a chance - maybe it's just not my kind of thing. It's entertaining but it's not brilliant.