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Learning Curves - Elyse Mady This book is hot but that's not why I liked it. I liked it because even though it's short, it has a lot of substance. It's a wonderful and emotional story, you get to know the characters really well, and you root for the two of them to get their happy ending.Brandon is not a typical player, that's the first thing you learn about him. He doesn't really like the meaningless sex. He is smart and has high academic ambitions, and I loved his passion for dance. He has this easy charm that makes him very likable to the reader as well as all the characters in the book.Leanne is bookish, even more ambitious, and lives this pretty scripted life, but she knows it lacks real passion. Her mother never approved of her and even though she tries to hide it you can tell it hurts her and that her whole self-image suffers because of it. I love the effect Brandon had on her, pulling her out of her shell.There is an instant connection between the two. I always talk about insta-love but it did not bother me one bit in this, because you can feel it with them and it somehow makes sense. After their first encounter they try to stay away from each other, neither of them wants anything serious and they know that they don't really have common goals, but it just intensifies the pull they feel.I loved the way this was written, I would often get lost in the prose. Yeah, it might have been a bit too detailed and sometimes it would digress from the story and slow it down, but I was genuinely interested in what the backgrounds of these characters were. I really wish it was at least three times longer because I wanted more of Brandon and Leanne. The chemistry between these two is amazing. The sex scenes are great.Actually, I don't think anything I write in this review can do this book justice. I really did like it that much. Just read it.