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The Big Smoke - Cally Jackson I really enjoyed this, it was too cute. Usually I wouldn't read it because the blurb did nothing for me, but I have to say that despite knowing better I was being shallow and let the cover persuade me. It's just too pretty, all artsy and colorful like that.Both Ceara and Seb are wonderful characters, and they have so much going on I was constantly worried they wouldn't pull through. Two teens, finally going into adulthood and trying to be independent, but not quite realizing they're there yet. Seb is such a guy. I was sad he thought so little of himself, but I could completely understand why. And Ceara is...I guess she has this misconception that when you find love everything is right with the world. I'm glad she realized there's more to life than this.It was wonderfully written, I really felt all the characters brought something to the story and no one was irrelevant. I loved how you can see secondary characters developing too, like Cindy, Kristi, Tim, Heath, Robert (especially Robert!) and Bek. I really liked them all. The setting of Brisbane is wonderful. She also manages to give Ceara and Seb two completely different voices.And let me tell you, Cally Jackson does a great job of creating that anticipation when these two finally meet and get together. Only it doesn't happen like that. And I wanted to smack someone near me when they kept missing each other after that near-death-experience, with the whole "so close but yet so far away" thing. By the end my nerves were slowly disappearing one by one, just when I think This Is It! it turns out not to be. It's totally worth it though, Seb and Ceara have maybe three scenes together but there is chemistry oozing from the pages.Ever read [b:Vince and Joy|161342|Vince and Joy|Lisa Jewell|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1348689733s/161342.jpg|155714]? It reminded me a lot of it, and I mean this as a huge compliment to Cally Jackson because that book blew me away, too. You know they will be so good together and you just can't wait till it happens, but they're just not in the right place for anything to start, yet. I couldn't even justify being mad that I had to wait, and wait, and wait, and wait some more because I was perfectly aware that the timing just wasn't right. I like my instant gratification and I guess I'm just so used to characters in romance getting together ASAP, but in the end I was fine. I survived.And so will you, if you give this book a chance. I bought it because I wanted to support the author, but you can also read it for free here on GR. And it's completely worth reading, I definitely recommend it.