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The Wedding Cake Girl - Anne Pfeffer Can Anne Pfeffer write a bad book? The answer is - NO!I read this both excited, because I loved [b:Any Other Night|14059049|Any Other Night|Anne Pfeffer|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1337973763s/14059049.jpg|19695037] so much, and with dread, because I loved [b:Any Other Night|14059049|Any Other Night|Anne Pfeffer|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1337973763s/14059049.jpg|19695037] so much. I just didn't think it would even come close. Was I ever more wrong?Alex is such a great girl, and so well-rounded I could easily relate to her. The author does a great job of layering her personality, I almost felt like I knew her. She has all these hopes and dreams and you can see that she's destined for something big, but she has a weird relationship with her friend, Zack, a mom that is the child in their family, and to top it all, they're practically always broke. I really felt for her because it all seemed so hopeless. Good thing she is stubborn, too, because she doesn't let anything bring her down.I didn't like Zack, from the beginning. I couldn't help it, I just thought she deserved better than him. It felt like he just wanted to be with her because he was feeling like he would lose her as a friend if he didn't.What I really didn't like about him was the whole Rosie thing. It just made him a weak, confused boy in my eyes.I thought Alex would eventually end up with him anyways, and I was all ready to hate on this book because of it.The Jeremy thing was a shocker. Because I was rooting for him. So kudos to Anne Pfeffer for totally surprising me. Speaking of which, I loved Jeremy. She does the same thing she did with Ryan in [b:Any Other Night|14059049|Any Other Night|Anne Pfeffer|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1337973763s/14059049.jpg|19695037] - he comes from money, he has all these things on a silver platter, but it doesn't define him. To me, this is more than a good character, he felt real.The ending was just perfect.We don't even get a lot of time with him, but I warmed up to him instantly.It is wonderfully written. There's good chemistry between the characters, beautiful descriptions of this little island, and there's real conflict in the way Alex wants to break her ties with where she comes from, but she still feels like it is a big part of her and it's hard to leave it all behind.If you liked [b:Any Other Night|14059049|Any Other Night|Anne Pfeffer|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1337973763s/14059049.jpg|19695037], you will love this, too. I definitely recommend reading it!Actually, I think I may need a sequel for this. I just want to know where the story goes.