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Tag - Aimee Doneyhue Hahahaha - OH.MY.GOD I did not expect this.Let me start off by saying that the writing style leaves a lot to be desired. It's stilted and amateurish, the characters are shallow. Overall it read more like an outline - or a first draft, than a finished product. BUT what it lacks in writing, it more than makes up for in the story.This is why I kept reading the book - I just really wanted to know who did all these horrible things to Brooke and got away with it so easily! Was it someone from her previous life when Emily was killed? Was it Josh or Erika? Sweet, innocent Taylor? Ice queen Darien?Brooke is such a sweet and naive girl that easily trusts anyone who says a good word to her, and you can see how she could have been fooled. She has a loving family and easy nature and gets along with everybody.Let me tell you - whomever you suspect - YOU ARE WRONG. Even if you're on the right track, you will never guess why. And that's what makes it so clever, when you read the ending you're just going to like...laugh out loud hysterically because it's brilliant. Nobody is that deranged (I hope!). Even worse is that you are given clues from the beginning but you never ever tie them all together until it makes sense in the end.So yeah, even though it's not a writing masterpiece, I liked it and I'm giving it a three star rating. I wish the author would go back and do some more work on it. With a twist like that, it's bound to be a hit, but the writing might easily throw off anyone not patient enough to read it just because of the story.