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Ruining Me (Ruining, #1) - Nicole Reed I am a bad, bad, bad person.At the ending I thought: So, Rhye. One down, one to go. Our time will come, Rhye.I know, I know! I picked a side right away, and that's never a good thing!This was such a good book, and with a little more editing it could have been perfect. But I'll get to that later.First I want to say that I loved all the characters. They could have been a bit more developed but since it's such a short read I didn't expect them even this good.Jay is such a strong girl. The things she went through...ugh, honestly, I'd be scared out of my mind of that creep. I understood her need to have control over things in her life, and my heart ached for her because she alienated herself from everyone. She is so intense!The chemistry between her and Kane was great, although I had my usual too intense, too fast issue with their relationship, but even the characters admit it's like that. And then there was also JT (what's his real name? I keep thinking the one and only Justin Timberlake!) and I loved his character, and the two of them together made so much sense and I even shed a tear when he died! I promise I did! I'm not a horrible person.But the one that stole my heart was Rhye. When you read it, you'll see why. There's just something about a bad boy reformed, and falling in love and I guess I was just in that mood today. Like I said, I picked a side right away. I wish we saw more of him. He ended up being what she needed him to be in the end. But I still have hope!!! You see, he was the only one that put her first (well, he wasn't, but I'm giving him credit for it because I liked him! I'm being a proper fangirl here!) and called JT to take care of her. He read her like an open book, knowing she wanted to commit suicide and that something was off about her, and who it was that she needed in the end. My heart ached for him when he gave her up to be happy :(. It was so selfless of him.I just liked his character so much.Now, what I meant about the writing and editing is...there were a couple of grammar/spelling mistakes, but nothing I can't overlook. Dialogue could have used proper punctuation so that I wouldn't have to stop and mentally put it there, but that's okay, too - it's a self-published book and I didn't expect it to be perfect. What I minded was switching between past and present narration, sometimes even in the same sentence. It's confusing. I'd understand if it was a flashback, but it wasn't.However, seeing as this is Nicole Reed's debut, there's really no way but up.It's a wonderful story, maybe a bit crammed with issues, rape, teenage pregnancy, absent parents, underage drinking, drugs, promiscuity, abortion, depression, suicide and death all in one, but I think the author dealt with it all in a good, respectful way. I definitely recommend this to everyone. I can't wait for the sequel.I have to say I disagree with the cover, though. Definitely don't judge it by the cover.