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The First Time I Saw Your Face - Hazel Osmond There were some parts of Hazel Osmond's previous book Who's Afraid of Mr Wolfe? that I liked, and there were some parts that I didn't like.However, with The First Time I Saw Your Face I have to say that I absolutely loved every single word of this book. The writing is gorgeous, I can't think of a better word - such beautiful prose, it was almost like poetry. There isn't a character that has no purpose, they are so colorful and vibrant and you fall in love with each and every one of them, (I especially loved Doug and Cress - apart from main characters).The setting of the book, Northumberland, sounds beautiful. I have never been in England, but I wouldn't mind living up north based on the descriptions in the book, and it's another thing that I think Hazel Osmond is great at. She sets the scene right before your eyes and it's beautiful. I could almost feel the cold, I could see the greens, just amazing.The romance is very subtle, at least from Mack's POV. He doesn't even realize what is going on until it's too late for him to get out of it, and then he realizes he doesn't even want to. You can see he's slowly falling for her, and it was so refreshing, because it doesn't happen overnight. I thought it was...amazing, the way he went from seeing the scar to seeing everything but the scar.I know some people were on the fence about Mack, what he did was horrible, and I'm making no excuses for him other than - he did what he thought was good for his family. I have to say that I loved him, and I can't quite put into words why. He is not perfect. He never tries to justify what he is doing, he knows it's wrong, and he is disgusted by himself for doing it. His struggle between Matt and Mack is what won me over. He falls in love with Jen despite himself. With his character, you can definitely see things aren't always black and white.Jennifer's lack of self-confidence was understandable, and the way she holed herself up, but you can tell, even before Mack comes into her life, that it's time for her to move on. Life goes on. Mack, despite his ulterior motives, helps her come out of that shell.The ending made sense. What I didn't like is the way everything turned out to be easily avoidable (mainly, the Mack thing) with a bit of fact-checking - but then they would never have met.A little over the first half of the book (65%-ish, to be more precise) is of slower pace. Once Mack is found out it really picks up, but it's not too fast and nothing is rushed.For those who liked Mr Wolfe, I'd say this is an even better read. There are no graphic sex scenes, but there are beautiful descriptions of the setting, wonderful dynamic between characters, a funny setting up of Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night" (which fits the main story nicely) and the realistic portrayal of falling in love.