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Mistaken - J.A. Howell I must say that this was pretty good.The story is original, the characters are believable. I wouldn't say it's very romantic, apart from a couple of places in the book. The opening chapter grips you and keeps you reading, wanting to find out what exactly Jamie realized was the reason for his death in his final moments.However, it doesn't exactly keep you at the edge of the seat. As a matter of fact, it is pretty predictable as soon as you learn about Jamie and Trey's situation. I'd say there is more suspense in the blurb, than there is in the actual book.Dillan's grief felt very real to me, her alcohol and drug abuse weren't over the top. She made her life out to constantly remind her of what she had lost, and it's pretty understandable that she only fell deeper and deeper. I did feel her character was more developed than Trey.I still thought Trey was a great character. His guilt over what has happened was constantly present and believable. I really felt for him.I loved that the story wasn't really about their relationship, love, or even sex. The author could have so easily stepped into that trap, but she didn't.There is always that possibility hanging in the air but it's never really about that. The epilogue promises that maybe something more profound, real, could happen eventually, but it doesn't turn the story focus from grieving about lost lover/sibling.However, when it comes to writing, it could have used some work, especially the dialogue. It needed proper punctuation, and at times it just felt unnatural.Switching randomly between characters also put me off a bit, but it may be just that I don't like that kind of narration.And it could have done with some more editing.Since this is J.A. Howell's debut, I am willing to overlook these things as much as I can. I hope she can only improve from now on and I will keep an eye on her upcoming work. I would definitely recommend this read.