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Any Other Night - Anne Pfeffer What I really liked about this is how you have a character that is literally missing from the whole book still have such strong presence in it that you can't help but love him.It is very rare in YA that we get to read a whole book from hero's POV, and this is another thing that is amazing about this book.Ryan is such a sweetheart, a truly lovable, colorful character that has so many layers it's unbelievable. You can't help but fall in love a little with him. I thought he handled his best friend's death, his whole family situation, as well as the Chrissie thing in a very mature way. It's a lot for a teenager to take on, but he never thinks twice about it.The way he blamed himself for Michael's death was killing me.The title change of this book makes sense to me - the book is not that much about Emily as it is about Ryan and his struggling with these issues, the least important being his relationship with her. And while I think Emily helped him through all of it, I'm almost certain he would have pulled through even without her, he is just that guy. As a matter of fact, I found Emily to be the overbearing-girlfriend at times, so I wasn't always a fan.I fell in love with the way it was written - the pace was perfect, the dialogue was flowing naturally, and most importantly, the characters were believable and three-dimensional.