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The Summer I Learned to Dive - Shannon McCrimmon First thing's first: Shannon McCrimmon can paint a beautiful scene with words. I could see the setting before my eyes. Wonderful prose, I was taken aback. I didn't really expect it to be so good.However, it was sometimes a bit repetitive, and the author often points out the obvious. Also, I get that Finn is a well-read, smart young woman, but the use of words like "obsequiously" and "acquiesced" was a bit over the top. Why not simplify? But it didn't bother me too much.Finn's somewhat melancholic voice had me a bit depressed. I completely understood why she was that way, she lived a very sheltered life orchestrated by her controlling mother, and living like that must have been really lonesome and sad. I'm just saying, it really got to me how...lifeless she was. At first she seems like she likes it that way, but soon you realize that she was very unhappy with that life. I loved watching her coming out of that shell and learning to live her life to the fullest.The whole cast is actually great and colorful. Her grandparents and Jesse, Hannah and Meg, too, even her mother and father. Meg and Hannah were something different than usual in these kinds of books. I loved them.It's a pretty fast read, with perfect pace so it can be read in one sitting (which is what I did!). I really liked it. I love kindle freebies!