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Unlikely Allies - Tiffany King This is not your typical YA novel. Although I wouldn't normally pick it out myself to read it, I heard great things about it and wanted to see for myself.I read it in one sitting. It's fairly short, and Tiffany King's writing keeps you engaged the whole time.The first half of it is great! Wonderful pace, interesting characters, great dialogue.I especially loved Amy and Rick.I had issues with Kim and Mason's relationship, as usually, the couple fell in love within weeks while literally exchanging just a couple of sentences during this time. I just feel this cannot be accurate.Probably the biggest issues I had with it was how they went trekking in that rain completely unprepared. I'm a bit of a hiking/trekking addict and I just had a lot complaints with how they went out there in that weather.Mason mentions that the hospital is what, close to two hours away from the camp? Doesn't that mean they should be carrying some serious antibiotics with them? What if Alyssa was hurt, and they were stuck out there, wouldn't they need them? I don't know, I'd think of bringing them with me.Covering up an open wound with the raincoat seemed like such a bad idea to me.Next, they let Kim go trekking in rain in tennis shoes?! This baffles me to no end. I suppose maybe she didn't have appropriate footwear, but she could have borrowed some. If not, under no circumstances should she have gone with him - it is just not safe. No matter how good your guide you just need proper gear, trekking shoes, especially if you are leaving on the most difficult trail in that rain where there's sure to be some serious slippery mud! You need good ankle support and good soles, and waterproof shoes. Mason says that Rick would expect that they wait out the rain out there if it gets too heavy. This means even more extra gear. Extra socks. Cotton balls, vaseline, aluminum foil, flint&steel to start the fire. This should all have been in the emergency backpack.And seriously, the walkie-talkie thing? It should have been attached to him with a strap or to his waistband or chest, secure under the raincoat, or something. You simply cannot afford to lose it if you have to take it in the first place.I'm just saying, for someone who claims to be the best guide in the camp, he made a couple of beginner's, very irresponsible mistakes. When they first start out on the trek, he keeps going too fast for her even though he knows she is a beginner, can't keep up and doesn't know the trail. Just, no. It scares me that someone should let him be responsible for 15 year-old boys on trekking trips. This is not the behavior of a good guide.And then, the second half of the book. The pace was wonderful until after the hospital. Then everything happened way too fast, we didn't have the time to actually get to know the new characters who had potential to be really interesting. Brad and Dan and Car.Kim's logic of letting Mason come to her while dealing with things like losing a limb and learning to live his life without it was ridiculous. Very egoistical.However, overall it was a good read and I would recommend it, despite my issues with it - I'm just being nit-picky.