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For the Summer - Shey Stahl

Freckled cheeks, sunburns, a river bankyoung, wild, and brave. Sophie Kaden falls in love with the smartmouthed boy she can't seem to forget. She's looking to fit in for the summer; he's just hopeless. She's afraid to let go; he won't let her.

I never rate my DNFs. Everyone who knows me, knows this. In this case, I think the book deserves it (this review is about the book, not the author.)

Not to beat around the bush, I read up to 20% (ish) at which point I just threw my hands in the air and thought - I THINK I'VE READ ENOUGH.

For those who have read Dusty, the recently popular Twilight fanfiction which you can read (for free) here, step away from this book if you're not a fan of deja-vu.

Why is that?

Let me demonstrate.


"This is my brother, Edward," Alice says, pointing toward the boy with the same color eyes as her. "He swears he's cool because he's a sixth-grader, but he isn't even that awesome."
Edward pushes Alice. "I'm cool." He laughs. "And I'm awesome."

Dusty by YellowBella, Chapter 2: Dry and Dusty


“This is my brother, Bensen,” Ivey said, pointing to you with a flip of her wrist. “He swears he’s cool because he’s a sophomore next year, but he’s not that cool.”
You pushed Ivey, puffing out your chest. “I’m cool.” More laughing. “And awesome.”

Stahl, Shey (2013-09-20). For the Summer (Kindle Locations 466-469). . Kindle Edition.

Ah, but it happens in every book. Two books can think of the same thing, we've seen it over and over.

How about 327050925629 same things? Coincidence?


"Isn't there a boy in that house?" Dad asks, finally putting his paper down on the table.

"A boy? Oh, you mean Edward? He isn't a boy, he's a brother." I stop pulling apart my hair.

Mom laughs, but Dad doesn't.

"I don't feel comfortable allowing you to sleep under the same roof as a boy, Bliss." Dad sits back in his recliner.

Dusty by YellowBella, Chapter 2: Dry and Dusty


“Isn’t there a boy in that family?” Dad asked, finally looking at me, squinting at the last remaining sun peeking from the trees.

“A boy? Oh, well there’s Brady. He’s nine.” I stopped, pulling at my hair in an attempt to appear truthful. Sadie lied. I never did. So now that I was, I tried to think of what she might’ve done in this scenario. I could almost picture her pouty brown eyes.

Mom laughed; she knew what I was doing. It was how she worked him, too, to go shopping last week with Aunt Megs.

“And what about the older one?” Dad put his beer down and looked up at me, his hard brown eyes narrowing. “The one I saw holding your hand as he helped you out of the boat I said I didn’t want you on.”

I knew it was too good to be true. I never got away with anything.

“Oh, uh, well that’s Bensen. Ivey’s older brother.” There was no sense in lying now. It would have only made him mad. “He’s fifteen.”

“I’m not comfortable with you hanging out in their house with him. He’s trouble.”

Stahl, Shey (2013-09-20). For the Summer (Kindle Locations 649-659). . Kindle Edition.



She's wearing a tight blue shirt and a black pencils skirt. Her high-heels tap on the wood as she descends down the steps. Her hair is an unnatural red color, but it's seamlessly curled and styled. And when she smiles, I feel Mom almost cringe.

Alice's mom looks nothing like my mom.

"You must be Renee," the lady with the deep-red hair says, offering her hand.

Mom flattens her curly hair before shaking Mrs. Cullen's hand. "Yes, and your name?" Mom asks kindly.

Dusty by YellowBella, Chapter 2: Dry and Dusty


She was wearing jean shorts and a red tank top. Her hair was that same rich color as Ivey’s, the color of the canyons with lighter highlights throughout.

“You must be Kathy,” the lady said, offering her hand.

“Yes, and your name?” Mom asked kindly.

Stahl, Shey (2013-09-20). For the Summer (Kindle Locations 684-686). . Kindle Edition.



"I'll want to meet some parents," Dad says uncertainly.

Dusty by YellowBella, Chapter 2: Dry and Dusty


“I want to meet their parents,” Dad said uncertainly.

Stahl, Shey (2013-09-20). For the Summer (Kindle Location 668). . Kindle Edition.



She'll be fine," Esme says brushing her hand along my long blonde hair;

Dusty by YellowBella, Chapter 2: Dry and Dusty


““We’ll take good care of her,” Lindy said, brushing her hand along my long golden locks that hung over my shoulders.

Stahl, Shey (2013-09-20). For the Summer (Kindle Locations 697-698). . Kindle Edition.



"You're sleeping here? Why?" Edward says and Petey snorts. Ben just laughs. He always does whatever Edward and Petey do.

I think Alice is about to attack them when their mother comes in from outside. She looks over at Edward and makes a noise with her lips. "Edward, have some fucking manners and be polite.

That word again!

"And clean up before your dad gets home," she adds before stepping into the kitchen.

Edward looks embarrassed for being scolded by his mother in front of his friends. He tosses the remote control onto the floor and begins to clean up after himself and his followers.

Dusty by YellowBella, Chapter 2: Dry and Dusty


“You’re staying here? Overnight? Why?” you asked, and Grayden snorted. Brady laughed, trying to fit in. It seemed he always did whatever you and Grayden did. Ivey looked like she was about to smack you when your mom came back inside. She looked over at you, her eyes narrowed. “Bensen, have some fucking manners and be polite.”

Now I understood your language.

You looked embarrassed that your mom scolded you in front of others. Tossing the control at Grayden, you began to clean up.

Stahl, Shey (2013-09-20). For the Summer (Kindle Locations 711-716). . Kindle Edition.



Edward peeks his head out of the door. "What's the matter, Bliss?"

"Give me my nail polish, Edward," I demand. There is no way I'm going near his bedroom. My dad would be so upset.

Edward smirks a mischievous smirk. He steps out of his bedroom but remains beside the doorjamb. "I think I'll keep it, strawberry-blonde."

I make a face. "Give it back."

He tosses it into the air. "Say please."


"Say it again."

"Edward," someone says from behind me in an all-authoritative tone, "give the poor girl her nail polish back."

Dusty by YellowBella, Chapter 2: Dry and Dusty


“What’s the matter, sweet Sophie? You scared to get wet?”

“Give me my shirt, Bensen,” I demanded, trying to cover myself by wrapping my arms around my waist.

You smirked, mischievously. “I think I’ll keep it.”

I made a face as I neared you. “Give it back. I only have that one with me.”

You laughed as if my thinking you would give it back so easily was absurd.

“You’re not very funny.”

“Oh, yes I am. I’m very funny.” You smiled, your cheeks glowing a little from the sun. “And sexy.”

“Nope.” I blushed.

“You’re not.”

“Oh, what do you know? You’re thirteen.”

You tossed the wet fabric in the air. It slapped against the water in front of you. “Say please.”


“Say it again.” You reached over and touched my cheek and for a brief moment, and I thought you might kiss me. My stomach dropped at the thought.

“Bensen,” someone said from behind me in an authoritative tone, “give the girl back her shirt.”

Stahl, Shey (2013-09-20). For the Summer (Kindle Locations 732-744). . Kindle Edition.


This is where I stopped, because really. I mean... I don't know. Speechless, stunned, you name it...

It's not only bits and pieces, entire scenes are happening the same, but maybe with just a word or two, added here or there, the names changed.


If I'm wrong, and the book can prove this is her original work, I will gladly take my review down.