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High School Hangover - Stephanie Hale It's a cute story. I guess the heroine was likable, but Jack is the one that made the book for me even though what he did with hiding the money and phone battery was wrong. I suppose he had good intentions.The elder's antics cracked me up so much, I loved them.However, I think I would have liked this more if it started with the waking up in that van and then slowly revealed what happened before. Or at least, cut before everything happens so that we wonder, a little mystery would have been more exciting than just wondering if Laney will believe Jack what happened. It would have given Jack and Laney more time together on this adventure, too - it takes half the book for things to happen before waking up in Texas, I guess it was just too slow for me.I did like Stephanie Hale's writing, it's witty and engaging, and there is obvious chemistry between Jack and Laney.It's a short, light read with a satisfying ending, perfect for days when you just need some sugary YA to get you through the day, and overall I liked it.