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Good for a laugh, but otherwise...

Every Girl Does It - Rachel Van Dyken

This book is hilarious (and a very light read).

I fell in love with Rachel Van Dyken's writing in Tear: A Seaside Novel, but this one... well, it's good for a laugh. Yes, it's predictable and a little over-the-top, and I'm not a huge fan of religion in books, but it keeps you entertained, and I actually managed to read it in just a couple of hours.

Comparing me to a fat bear that sits and eats bamboo all day doesn’t boost my self esteem.

Amanda is a sweet, likable girl with horrible luck in men, and a hilarious cat to keep her company. I loved how the book opens, it had me laughing out loud so much. Of all the things to get yourself into... Amanda acts like a teenager most of the time, but it's just her carefree nature which I loved.
I didn't really question Preston's motives, he's just so nice and I loved how he put up with Amanda's antics. Though I knew she would have to make up for how she humiliated him in high school.

The whole Bobby/Ashlyn thing was hilarious. The ending is pretty satisfying. Also, I feel I should mention that this is pretty clean, apart from a couple of kisses.

I needed a good laugh, and I got it.