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Tears of Tess - Pepper Winters 30.08. IT'S LIVE!!!Kidnapped. Drugged. Stolen.SIGH. I LOVED THIS BOOK.Pepper Winters has amazing story-telling skills.The change Tess undergoes as a character from this... naive, slightly desperate girl to a very strong female character in the end was amazing to see. I STRUGGLED WITH TESS. In the beginning. So it should say something that by the end I was giving her a fictional high-five girl power kpow! With every blow she takes, she just comes out stronger and better, and trust me, she takes a lot of blows. It was awesome.Q is...I can't tell you about Q, because the unraveling of his character was done so well I don't want to say ANYTHING about him, just so you get to experience him.But I will tell you how his character made me feel.SO.CONFLICTED.One second he's human, next he turns into a monster. My mind was spinning and I FREAKING LOVED IT. I loved Q so much!I loved that the author doesn't make excuses for him, it is what it is. Take it or leave it.If you're reading the book for the sweet love despite the odds just step away cause this is not it. The connection these two share is dark and twisted and sick but it works. It's co-dependency on a whole another level. They're good apart but together they're explosive. And it made sense and I understood it.If I had to, I'd say this book was 50SoG done right, but it feels like I'm downplaying it cause it's so much more.Also, I'm not a shadey books fan.If you can handle the abuse and just how graphic it is, it's so worth it. I'm just gonna write out that this book comes with trigger warning for good reason. Yes, there's rape. Yes, it's brutal.I don't even have to say there are graphic sex scenes.OH! Totally forgot to mention the epilogue! FREAKING LOVED IT. LOVED LOVED LOVED.Overall, TESS DELIVERS. Pepper Winters totally delivers and I'm so glad I got to read this book cause I was bursting at the seams waiting for it. I'm really excited for uh... To see what else she comes up with. AMAYZIN.