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Miles of Pleasure - Stephanie Nicole Soooo, this book was a freebie, but I still paid for it (actually I don't remember if I paid for it, and I can't be bothered to check, lol. Point is, I've read it before).Wanna know how? Because it's the same book as [b:Under Her Skin|16038613|Under Her Skin|Alexis Lauren|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1348549947s/16038613.jpg|21813220]. Like, word for word the same, except the names are switched around.So in short, a twice-recycled Justin Bieber fanfic. This time I had the sense to DNF, lol.Edit: okay, I need to explain myself. If you will bother to get a new pen name, change book titles and all, WHY NOT MAKE THEM BETTER, AT LEAST? I was skimming through each of these two books a bit and I found some new material in the new one and all that jazz, but the book itself is bad. (Still) bad writing, (still) bad editing.AND THEN NOT TO EVEN MENTION it's the same book in product description! What's up with that? It's $3.89! Ppl will be paying for the same book! God.