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Underestimated - Jettie Woodruff Warning! This is not your everyday fall in love romance. This book contains disturbing situations, strong language, graphic, sexual content, some forced, some not.Take this seriously. The things Morgan goes through are horrific and... I felt so hopeless about her situation even though I knew she got away (this is not a spoiler).A 4.5 read, but I do have some things to say about it. It really messed with my head.This book was a first for me. I'm sure you're all gonna say that it's probably not because we all know what kinds of books I read (and I'm a TTM survivor :D), but it was different. First, I read the ending first. It wasn't on purpose, and it normally ruins the book for me to the point of not wanting to read it. But here? I was REALLY intrigued by that ending and how the author would pull it off.I don’t deserve you anymore than I deserve to breathe, but I can’t get you out of my head. I am so madly in love with you, I can’t stand it.Another first. I loved Drew, the villain of this book. Like, from the get go, I was rooting for him. I hated the sick mother-effer for the most part, but I loved him. My heart broke for him a few times, too.But how do you redeem a man that constantly beats the heroine, plays mind games with her, sticks the randomest things in her vagina just because he gets off on humiliating her (A PENCIL. A LETTER OPENER. I MEAN. I DON'T EVEN KNOW.) I just don't know... How do you redeem a man like that? I didn't expect it to happen.I mean, the book is mindfuckery at its best so you will understand. Mostly I didn't even know how I should feel. Really though, it's not your conventional romance. I know some might even hate on the way things happen.For me, it wasn't the fact that she turned around and fell in love with this man who abused her in every way imaginable and I really mean that. Like I said, I was rooting for Drew from the beginning and I was hoping that he would have some reason other than being a ruthless bastard to do what he did. It all seemed so impersonal, and I had a million and one theories of what happened to him and why he was so broken (because he was).But I have my hangups about cheating and I know it shouldn't have bothered me because the whole book is over the top brutal, but it did.Even though I was quite happy with the way the book ended, I didn't appreciate the last 20% of it. This is the reason I took half a star off. The book was very long but throughout I didn't feel it was overwritten. However, when I came to that last part, I felt it dragged a bit. She was very indecisive and then the whole "other" thing, and the last 20% are all about that. It just felt like neverending, and honestly - a bit too light and dramarama (your typical bizarre love triangle) for the heavy read that was this book.And whew - has it been a while since I read a book this long! It's over 7000 locations on Kindle, so I'd say you definitely get your money's worth at $2.99!I liked the way it was written, I thought it suited the story. The whole book I was dreading him finding her again. The whole time I was dreading him doing something even more horrible to her (he did!) There are some great twists. Didn't see that coming at all. His reasoning didn't make sense to me, though. It just felt petty and quite honestly, a bit psycho. Which he was, so it's a valid excuse, I guess.I don't think I even have to say there are graphic sex scenes in it. Be warned there are non-con, dub-con, any-con-you-can-think-of scenes as well.And darnit if some of them weren't hot. There, I said it. Drew has a weird fascination with all sorts of sex toys.This review probably sounds incoherent. I stayed up all night to finish it (and my internet was down so I had nothing else to do, either) so I'm writing the review on zero sleep. Forgive the disconnected thoughts.But read the book. It may not be for everyone, but I know quite a few people that would enjoy it.