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Ryder (Resisting Love, #2.5) - Chantal Fernando I don't like reviewing novellas because I have no idea what to say and not spoil anything, but here goes.Of the three books in this series I've read, I felt this one was the strongest. Sad it was a novella, because it would have made such a great full-length novel, but oh, well.Both Ryder and Lexi are great characters and I really liked their story. It was kind of insta-love but it didn't bother me too much.The twist I did not see coming at all! It was great.The writing has improved and the story flows much better even if it skips in time a little.There's a mildly graphic sex scene and some swearing.Overall, I felt it best of the three. It had a beginning, a middle and an end which is something I find novellas usually lack. The second part was a little low on drama for what it could have been, but I can't complain because I don't like a lot of drama in books. Anyways, definitely recommended.