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Searching for Glory - Hunter J. Keane 24.02.'13. - FREE in the Kindle store.I thought that I would maybe need a couple of days to think about this. But nope, I really really liked it. It just goes to prove that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover (because that cover is not making me happy at all)!It's a quick read, too, and you can read it in one sitting for a quick fix. Everything starts happening right away, so it has really good pace.Both Johnny and Glory are such great characters. She wasn't a sappy, desperate girl. The way she overcame her past and made something out of herself was really admirable. I loved her journey to the woman she became in the end.And Johnny wasn't a typical hero, either. I loved him.Her letter to Johnny was filled with so much melancholy, it broke my heart. It had a sense of finality to it, and it really made me sad.Honestly, the book wasn't majorly a romance. Glory is dealing with her sister's tragedy and family, and I though she did a spectacular job at being there for her. Vic's family won me over. Jake and the kids are wonderful. Their story was beautiful.The writing is great, too, maybe a bit too simple, but definitely good. There were characters I would have loved to find out more about (mainly Kate), but I get it that maybe it would have been too much.The book could have used some more editing, but I wasn't annoyed at all at the little spelling/grammar mistakes I found. There weren't that many.Overall, I really liked it. Maybe it's a tad too short? But the story develops nicely and everything is rounded up in the end. I definitely recommend it.