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Falling in Between (Falling, #1) - Devon Ashley February can't come soon enough because I need to know what happens next.When I started reading this (like, two months ago) I had no idea what it's about, but then I went to read it again yesterday. And it caught me so off guard when she woke up from that dream with Chance for the first time. At that point I went to read the blurb and then it made sense.For all of those who are wondering, there is a lot of sex talk in this, but don't let this discourage you (if you are 17+, I am not encouraging kids to read this). They are oversexed, hormonal teenagers but that's about it.And for all the complaining some reviewers did about this, I just have to add that there is little to no actual sex of any kind. It's mostly the "fade to black" thing. Or maybe there's a censored version and I read it.Jenna is actually quite likable. I loved her characterization, usually if a character is an orphan (or well, kind of an orphan) you know what to expect from them, but Jenna was just normal. Sure, the fact that she was ward of state was part of her personality, but it did not define her and I loved that.Now I have to say I was a bit annoyed at her for just going along with the dream instead of questioning what the eff is going on. But what happened is so surreal, maybe I wouldn't question it either. I kind of ~guessed what is going on. But I wasn't sure.About the boys. For the first time ever, I couldn't pick a definite side. The story between Jenna and Chance was heartbreaking, and Chance is such a sweet guy with just a hint of mischief and I have to say I thought he suited Jenna more, but then again - it was all a dream. Robert on the other hand is so great, I just couldn't plot against him in my head no matter how much I wanted her to be with Chance - sweet, passionate, easy-going, I really loved him.I was not happy with her choice in the end, but here's the deal - whatever happened I wouldn't have been happy. Or rather, I'd have been happy, whoever she chose. Either works. When Evan wakes up I so needed him to remember but I didn't want him to, you know? Because it would complicate everything and make it so much harder. It still broke my heart the way Jenna took it. I think once she realizes what is going on she forms an even stronger attachment to him because there's a huge possibility that what they had in her dreams, they could have for real.So yeah, February can't come soon enough. I have hopes for what happens - I still think Jenna and Evan are destined to be together, so I'm leaning towards his side at this point, but I sure hope it won't make me cry.