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Fire And Ice (Ice, #5) - Anne Stuart It kills me to give it three stars, and I even contemplated going lower than that, but I'm upping the rating thanks to Japan. I just wasn't feeling it.You already know Jilly and Reno - and you probably know there was something going on between them when they first meet in Ice Blue. So many possibilities.You already learned in Ice Storm that Reno has been kept away from Jilly, and you will learn in this book that her sister kept her away from Reno, too.I have no idea why these people think they can mess with other people's love lives! And I know this is such a weird thing to say in relation to these books, because everyone does whatever they want to do in them, but it was like the author tried to fabricate this huge conflict, only she didn't. But okay.Jilly is so annoying! I swear I wanted to smack her repeatedly and I did a little *whoop* every time someone got to her. For how many times we are told she's this genius, smart girl that was done with college by the time she was 18 - I never once saw it. Starting with her stupid one night stand, to coming to Japan on an impulse, then she proceeds to act stupid around Reno and she doesn't take her safety seriously at all. She throws a hissy fit which lands them in some really deep sh*t. Basically, she's a whiny, spoiled child and as much as the author tried to make her look like this strong heroine, she just wasn't that for me.Reno, it breaks my heart to say this, but I think you're just not Committee material! I liked you, Reno, in both previous books, but here you just came off as a typical commitment-phobe in denial. Yeah, you have some mad skills but you're constantly running rampant, and tell me, how is that good material for a Committee operative? Let me tell you, it's just not.The whole thing just felt forced, you know? And I was looking forward to it, too, which is probably why I'm so disappointed. Their whole relationship was forced, the way they interact, the way they come together (no pun intended, I promise). Somewhere halfway through there is finally, finally some chemistry between them, but it was too little, too late.Also, how is Jilly 20, when she was 16 in Ice Blue? Not sure.As usually, there are a couple of graphic sex scenes in the book.And there was no Bastien (but there were Taka and Peter). Just kidding. He wouldn't have saved this book for me. Or maybe he would, I don't act reasonable when it comes to Bastien. But I digress.Anyways, here's your proof I'm not handing out my five stars to these books just because. This essentially had everything the other books had, but the author just didn't handle it right. I'm kind of miffed because I was hoping I'd have a 5.0 series, but no. I just wasn't feeling it.