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Cold As Ice (Ice, #2) - Anne Stuart This one is another reader-gripper. I must say I was afraid it won't live up to the first book, but I had nothing to fear. It's definitely different in terms of characters, but it still has that kind of the same feeling of "how is this romantic?" to it.So, Peter Jensen. I was super excited when I realized it's his story because I wanted to know more about him after reading Black Ice. While I thought Bastien was a crazy sociopath that has nothing redeeming about him, Peter wasn't so bad! Yes, he's cold, calculated, manipulative (ah, lovely traits!) but he's also much more human. He cared! I think. It didn't seems so at first.He and Bastien (I can't help but compare) are essentially the same, efficient, heartless and cold - but so different. What I liked about him is that when you meet him in Black Ice, you get this idea of him - and he's exactly that in this book. Ruthless, doesn't let anything get in his way and gets the job done. There's this awesome paragraph when he talks about himself (Bastien did it too, but it wasn't as effective.)He'd been trained, groomed, educated and made over. He was a crack shot, and almost as effective with a dozen other weapons. He could speak five languages fluently, he could be straight, gay, American, Scandinavian, British or German. He could kill without compunction and live under deep cover for years until it was time to strike.I loved that.But in the end he's a good person. This was such a relief because I thought I wouldn't have to question my sanity while reading the book. WRONG. But more about that later.Genevieve couldn't be more different than Chloe. She's annoying in that cute way, very intelligent, keeps her wits about her at all times, and her only fault in that given situation was that she believes that human beings are ultimately good. I loved how she never gives up, even when it seemed like there was no way out, she picked herself up, squared her shoulders and kept looking for it.These two were hilarious together. Great chemistry. I loved the little upper hand game they were playing, she's very smart, and it would probably be enough with a normal guy to outsmart him, but he's always one step ahead of her and it amused me to no end. There were much more romantic elements in this, but at times I still thought it's completely ridiculous, especially in the beginning. I was still rooting for them. Call me crazy. Whatever.The writing is still what had me loving this so much. Suspense, thrill, it was great. What I didn't like was the two extra POV characters, and I was fighting myself wanting to skim them, but luckily their parts were short and to the point, so I didn't have to.The two (or three?) sex scenes in this were much more graphic than in the first book. Just a heads-up.Bastien shows up somewhere in the end! I was super giddy about it, fighting a silly grin and all, and yes, there goes my sanity. I hated the guy. I shouldn't have been so happy to see him again. SMH.Now, onto the third book. A friend tells me it's her favorite, so I'm expecting it to be good. This lived up to the first book, but I still liked that one more. Overall, loving this series.