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Louder Than Words - Laurie Plissner The premise of this book sounded promising. I was really excited to read it. But I have to say that in the end I just didn't like it as much as I thought I would - or maybe I should say that I liked parts of it, and other parts of it - not so much.The heroine is not very likable. From the beginning she just seems like this self-centered spoiled little girl, and while I tried to be understanding of her situation, she lost her family and her memories and it's a tragedy, the author laid the story out in a way that evokes no sympathy (maybe on purpose? I'm not sure) from the reader. To me, Sasha was just a brat and I couldn't get over it. Often times she would belittle Charlotte's efforts to do her best with this situation they were given, and I kind of resented her for it.Eventually she does get it together and even though she continues to act like a brat, I did warm up to her in the end.Ben was a sweetie, and I liked the whole special bond thing they had. But both of them were constantly playing hot and cold with each other. Also, I felt kind of cheated, we never saw them get to know each other, it was more like: they meet BAM they kiss and date BAM they break up BAM...the whole first half of the book had weird pacing.But it improved in the second half, and it's only then that I started to get into the story more, after the whole mystery about her family's death started to unravel. Even though I had it figured out pretty fast, because it was heavily hinted at, I still thought it was interesting.Things that bothered me about this, and beware, there are spoilers:There are two near-rape scenes that I felt were just used as some sort of plot device and forgotten all about once the story moved on. I am not talking threats and a bit of overpowering, this went beyond that and I find it hard to believe that any girl would get over being assaulted like that so fast, and then move on thinking all kind of smutty thoughts about some other guy, almost immediately, acting like this never even happened.The ending - eh, the reason for Dr. O. killing her family turned out to be somewhat anti-climatic. A woman scorned, etc...pretty boring.And I did mind that we are never explained why exactly Ben could read minds. Or what's the deal with his whole family?Laurie Plissner's writing style is simple and straight-to-the-point, and I did enjoy that aspect of it. This being her debut I have to say I was pretty satisfied, good supporting characters (Jules, Ben, Stuart, Ben's mom), great chemistry between Ben and Sasha (at least what we got to see of them - the library scene was so promising).I want to give this a five star rating, because the idea was really good, but I can't overlook the things that bothered me about it. Sometimes a book is just mindless fun, and that's how I look at it, but when you bring things like attempted rape into it I expect the author to treat it a little more seriously.So yeah, I would recommend this because it has a bit of everything: a love story, a mystery, a little thrill towards the ending and just a touch of paranormal, but don't expect it to blow you away.**Free copy of this book provided by the publisher via NetGalley.