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Unforgettable - Elise K. Ackers I needed some time to sort through my feelings about this one, mostly because just a few days ago I read something very similar. I absolutely loved it!Connor wakes up after an accident in a hospital with amnesia, not remembering the last three years of his life. And Emma is just two days short of him remembering her.Emma and Connor were co-workers, best friends and lovers. And he doesn't remember any of it. Or the reason they weren't that anymore.However, even without pointers you can see the chemistry between the two of them, and just how much they meant to each other. She tries to keep things platonic between them, but his intuition tells him that the way he feels about her is so much more.It was intense, especially on his side. I think what I liked the most was how he just knew she felt right to him. That's true love (cue the dreamy sigh). I felt Connor's frustration and how uncomfortable he was that he couldn't meet the expectations of people who knew him and he couldn't remember them.Emma is a complex character, and I kind of had a like/dislike relationship with her. I didn't get what the big deal was with being secretive about their relationship because I don't see how it would have affected their work. They were essentially partners. Ok, I understood her need to keep things professional but I had a feeling that it wouldn't have been a huge problem for anyone other than her if people were aware of them being together.And then, I also sympathized with her because she lost Connor over something so stupid. What I really liked was the way she just picked herself up and dealt with it. She was hurt and broken, but it wasn't the end of the world.Something life-changing happened between these two that broke them apart, and the author reveals the mystery slowly, throwing a couple of red herrings along the way. Honestly, I couldn't have guessed what it was. The A-HA moment was kind of anti-climatic, I expected it to be something bigger, but then again, people are different, and it was a big deal for the two of them.What happens after he finds out is definitely not something you'd expect, and I liked the unpredictability of it so much.Connor's grand gesture had me grinning that goofy smile because it was just so wonderful and it had so much meaning rather than just being something to woo Emma.I loved the way it was written, the work setting felt realistic, and the way he would randomly get flashes of memories instead of just suddenly remembering everything. I liked the colorful cast of characters, the author really made all the connections between them feel realistic. Asha was a nice addition to the story, something I didn't expect.It's fairly short, but the pace is perfect, and the mystery keeps you turning the pages. And it's infused with good, sometimes witty dialogue.“What’s a tweet?”“It’s like a worldwide SMS.”“What would I say to the world?”“God knows.”“And why would they be interested?”For those who care, there are no graphic sex scenes in this, which I thought suits the story.Overall, I'd say this is definitely worth reading. You will fall in love with Emma, Connor and Australian setting, the plot is unpredictable and it has a wonderful ending.