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Last Summer - Rebecca A. Rogers I liked this. It should have been longer.Rebecca A. Rogers has a great way with words. The chemistry between Chloe and Logan is obvious and their dialogue flows naturally. Not once was I bored or skimmed over.Chloe is a great character. She doesn't play games with Logan, I think he needed her attitude to snap out of his pathetic non-existence. I felt for her dealing with her family situation. She's not exactly a child, but something like that always takes its toll on a person, no matter the age.I didn't really get Logan's story. It was late when I read this, so maybe that's why. I understood how he became an addict, but some of the things we learn about him don't add up. I had a suspicion that his father was abusive, maybe not physically, but emotionally. And then it turns out he's not. It's just, the way he talks about him that gave me that impression. I still liked Logan, though. He knew he's at the point of crossing that line of no return and that he needed help, he just didn't know how to ask for it. I was proud of him for letting Chloe in.Like I said, this should have been longer. They fall in love, but you don't really see it. You can see them get attached to each other, but not falling in love.The Big P storyline was a bit of a stretch but I went along with it.The one sex scene in this is very graphic, but not in a bad way. I thought it was sweet.The near-rape scene is also very graphic and unpleasant, so beware.This is a story about two people who were both at that point in life where you just need someone. She didn't want to be alone through this difficult period of her parents' situation. He needed someone to live for (if not for himself). And they find each other exactly when they should. I loved it and definitely recommend it.