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Unveiled - Colleen Quinn This was a freebie in the Kindle store a while ago.I had no idea this was a historical romance, which I usually stay away from, but Colleen Quinn's writing is so engaging I was already in too deep by the time I realized. I guess here's my first taste of the genre. I actually loved it. Also, I have no idea how to review this because it's so different from the books I read.“But that is so…unromantic,” Christopher said bluntly.The blurb for the Kindle edition is a little off. It makes it sound like Katie was a scheming golddigger. No, he pursued her, and she fell in love. He fell in love too. And the fact that they are both as poor as a church mouse is not that big of a deal.I loved Katie. She has easy charm and you can see why everyone adored her. I completely understand why she went with the whole Fan charade. She was a poor girl with a hard life that got a taste of how the other side lives and couldn't resist. She didn't marry Chris for the money, but I guess she thought it was a plus. And when things are "unveiled" she really steps up and proves her worth. She doesn't really need a man to take care of her!Christopher was...a good man. I liked him. He is pretty uncomfortable with the whole idea of marrying for money, but he really has no choice. And I can't say that I agree with the way he handled everything, but he is a bit hot-headed and it's completely in character.They form this great connection because of the situation they find themselves in. They are such a lovely couple and a great team. I don't think there was anything life could have thrown their way that they couldn't overcome together.The writing really pulls you in, the descriptions and the emotions the author writes are amazing. I didn't like all the head-hopping, but that's just me, I don't like that sort of thing. The sex scenes aren't graphic at all, more like - mildly descriptive. There's a wide array of colorful characters that all bring something to the story. I loved Ella and Eileen. The Pembertons suck. I didn't like the John Sweeney storyline, it felt like too much. The ending is a bit over the top, but I liked it.If you managed to snag it for free, good for you! I'd say it's still worth money, even if you didn't. I definitely recommend it.