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Both Sides Of Opposite (Maykenna & Trevor Novella #1) - Scarlet Hope I was given a free copy of this novella by the author in exchange for an honest review.I really enjoyed Both Sides Of Opposite, even though the romance aspect of it was too intense, too fast. But I get it, because Maykenna and Trevor have awesome chemistry from the very beginning. I actually didn't mind that they get together so fast, they obviously like each other, but I did feel that the I-Love-Yous were too soon and unrealistic. However, it's still a sweet love story, she is a loner that has built this closed-off life and Trevor changes that and makes her want to open up to someone other than her best friend Tam. Trevor has issues with self-worth, which I understood given the circumstances. I liked them both, a lot, there's this great honesty between them and absolutely no game-playing.Btw, Trevor's a star. Look at this:I’ve never been much of a fancy smelling product guy, but this woman can drip me in chocolate and roll me in sugar and I’ll beg her to do it again.So great.It's fairly short - I actually read it while taking a break from reading my current book, so it's perfect to squeeze in if you don't have a lot of time and want to read something fast. I loved the pace of this, things start happening right away and every scene advances the story. It does have a couple of graphic-y sex scenes, so it's a mature read. I loved the music references throughout the book, and all the photography talk.However, despite liking it a lot, I do have to take a star off for lack of proper editing. For those who care about this, yes, it could have used at least a couple of rounds of editing. There were a lot of sigh's and turn's instead of sighs and turns, parent's instead of parents and he's instead of his. To my surprise I didn't mind this too much because the story flows nicely and I really wanted to know what happens next. I don't expect self-published books to be spotless, although it's always a plus, but I just feel like I have to point this out.The ending makes you want to read the next novella which will be out on December 15th. Scarlet Hope has a talent for story telling and I'm looking forward to keeping up with her work.