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Shiver - Karen Robards 3.5 stars but GR won't let me. I picked this up because I needed something different to read. And I loved the cover, it's gorgeous (even if I learned that it doesn't actually match the MC. She has black hair - it's mentioned quite a few times.)It's not bad at all, I was on the edge the whole time, it keeps you interested to see what and how it goes down and I definitely didn't see the ending coming. Though I have to say that the whole fairy tale ending was just over-the-top. I know they realize they're in love and everything, but it was just rushed.The heroine's name is Samantha Jones, and I have to say I was mildly disappointed that nobody makes a reference to Sex and the City or the singer. I couldn't believe the author resisted that temptation! But I digress.Reading this there was something that bothered me a lot in the back of my mind and I couldn't figure out what it was until it hit me - Danny says he has a "hot girlfriend" somewhere in the beginning! Here, I found it.He was thirty-two years old. Had a big, boisterous extended family. A hot girlfriend. A good (although dangerous, see present situation) job. Tickets to the NBA championship game in two weeks. Lots of things in the works.And she's conveniently forgotten about after that. I'm not sure how I feel about that.For those who care about these things, there's one sex scene in here. It's not overly graphic. There's a lot of sexual tension between Sam and Danny, and it's believable considering what they've been through together. They form this connection, and it's reasonable that she trusts him because he never proves that she shouldn't.So yeah, I was looking for something different to my usual YA, NA and romance reads and I have to say this did a good job. It has a fair amount of suspense in it, a very likable, strong female character. I did like it, and I do recommend it.