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The Bringer - Samantha Towle Oh, this was good!I only read The Mighty Storm by Samantha Towle, and I must say that I wasn't a fan at all! But this changes things drastically.First of all, it's a great story, a wonderful idea. I honestly didn't see any of the twists and turns coming and every single one of them caught me off guard. The second half of the book is where it gets really interesting, and it turns into a real page turner. You can't guess who the bad guy is, and nothing is as it seems at first, not even the main character. And that's what makes it good.James struck me as a bit of a naive person in the beginning. I mean, sure, she saves his life but do you really trust a homeless person who seems to keep her mouth shut about her past to let her into your life like that? I know they're supposed to be these star-crossed lovers, but James has been human for a while and has absolutely no recollection of their shared past.And Lucyna (I don't like the name!), I loved her character, even if at times I thought she was being selfish with James.I know the romance aspect of it is supposed to be too intense, too fast, so I was okay with it in the end.But there were things that I didn't like about this, too.We don't know what it actually was that made Luce change form after the car accident or why. The way the villain was dealt with was kind of anti-climatic. We don't even get to see his downfall, it's a fade-to-black thing. Isabel just shows up and tah-dah. Same thing with James and Luce. They are brought back to life when Isabel turns back time. Well, isn't it just convenient that she could just do that? Talk about deus-ex-machina.I'm still not a fan of her writing style - the author keeps telling you what to think. She is also stating the obvious a lot. There is no real character development and at one point out of the blue we get a James POV which was...convenient, but unnecessary. There were maybe other ways to handle the whole thing. And finally, the book could have used a lot more editing.But the story won me over and I liked it.So, an angel story that's not an angel story that's an angel story (I know I'm not making sense. That's how I felt about it, though). I loved it, loved the premise, and the characters. And it turned out to be really good, I'm glad I gave the author another try.