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Stitch  - Samantha Durante Well, color me surprised - I did not expect this story. I really liked it. The preface hooks you immediately and you just want to know what's going on.It's smart, it kind of fools you into thinking it's a ghost/time travel story. There are these little twists along the way that keep you interested and it's an easy book to pick up after you take a break (which isn't necessarily a good thing, but more about that later).I liked Alessa because she was just so normal. Dealing with her parents' death, adjusting to college life, hating on the pretty sorority sister, having a best friend that is a kindred spirit, etc, etc. There is a sadness to her thoughts that really got to me, which was understandable considering... everything. She constantly feels like she is off-course, that she doesn't have any control over what's going on in her life.I must say that the book lacks in the romance department, but there is still enough of it to keep a romance reader happy. I thought the romance was actually really sweet, under the circumstances, and kind of unexpected, what with Joe and everything. It's definitely different.When the story opens up you find out that Alessa is seeing a ghost of a young man from time to time, and you are just as curious as she is about who the ghost is. You learn his name is Isaac and he lived in the same house in the past, where his whole family met a horrible death, and it's up to Alessa to figure it out and warn him.And then you learn it's all been a lie.Unfortunately, you only get enough of Isaac's POV to learn that he's always felt out of place, feels responsible for his family's well-being but at the same time he just wants to get out there where there are bigger things waiting for him. Still, I liked him from what little glimpses I got of him.I loved the way this was written, the characters felt real and the story line is very interesting. The author throws you all these little clues that should have told you something was off, but only after it's revealed do you realize they were there all along. The dream sequences tell you that there's definitely more going on than you're picking up on. The whole time I kept wondering what is going on and tried (successfully) to keep myself from reading one of those spoilerish reviews.That being said, it's incredibly slow, especially the first half of the book. I fought myself wanting to skim endless unimportant bits like what she wore, what she ate, what she drank, what she read and things like those. Yes, some of it was very important, but not all of it. This made the book really easy to leave and pick up later because there's no that sense of urgency that you just have to know what happens next and you can't put it down. It doesn't end on a cliffhanger, for which I'm thankful. You get that feeling that there's more to come, but you're not left unsatisfied with it.For my clean-romance readers, this is very clean, no graphic sex scenes or even implications of it. Barely a kiss or two. Which was fine by me, I thought it suited the story.So, will I be reading the sequel? Yep. There are way too many questions left and I want answers. I won't get into detail what these questions are because they're all spoilers, but you'll see that you don't really get the full picture of what's really going on - I think because the protagonists don't know either, so it's understandable.I definitely recommend this book.I am proud to be a guest reviewer at ❤ Coffee, Books & Lipgloss Book Review Blog ❤!