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The writing has improved tremendously!

Maybe This Time - Chantal Fernando

Let me start off by saying that Reid Knox is an awesome name for a hero.

Reid is everything the blurb says, broody, temperamental. I often found myself really frustrated with him, but then he'd do something swoon worthy and I loved him, but then AGAIN he effed up...

Summer... I liked Summer. Her mother's been feeding her hate for her dad and brother ever since she could remember, and you could tell how reluctant she was with them, especially Jack. I was so glad she was strong enough to let that go and just be happy with her family.

These two are... well. Let's say there's a lot of back and forth, which is usually not my thing, but I didn't think it was over the top. All the drama sort of made sense, for which I'm thankful.
I really liked that Summer realized what she has with Reid is a once-in-a-lifetime thing and held onto it when a lesser woman would have walked off. I can't help it, I like it when my characters are smart enough not to let their pride screw up their lives.

The twist in the story - I didn't figure it out. The author's writing has improved A LOT (I just love it when I see that <3) since her first book - I've been following her work and every time it gets better and better.

Now. RYAN. I love me some Ryan. Can I just say that the friendships and sibling dynamics she writes are always so awesome? The Summer/Ryan duo had me cracking up, you could tell it was the best of platonic m/f friendships ever. He's her pole! Lolololol.
Ryan and Reid OMG! Loved them. There's one scene that had me lol twice (cause I read the book twice).
Xander and Summer. I wish I had a brother like Xander, really. He's so protective of her while at the same time being an annoying brother.

And I want a Dash and Tag book. AND SILAS. I want a Silas book. Please. Silas.

For those who like to know these things, there are a couple of graphic sex scenes in the book.

Overall, I loved this book once I got into it. The beginning was a bit rushed for me, but after 20% or so, I found I couldn't put it down. I definitely recommend. Can't wait for Ryan book, what with that shocker in the end and all.

This is a full story with a proper ending - no cliffhanger. The books in the series will be about different characters.